Products & Services

Viamorph has developed smart antenna prototypes for various military and commercial clients. In 2008 we teamed with Antennas Direct, Inc. and the National Association of Broadcasters to develop a state-of-the-art CEA-909/909A compliant indoor smart antenna to enhance reception of digital television. We currently have reference designs for both the indoor smart antenna as well as a device that adds smart antenna functionality to traditional fixed geometry antennas.

Our smart antenna techology has been granted the following US patents:

Viamorph provides a wide range of contract engineering, design and product development services. We can handle tasks ranging from full-wave 3D simulations of antennas and boards, RF analog and digital circuit design and simulation, board layout, fabrication, assembly, testing and debugging.

Our laboratories are well equipped and capable of taking on a wide variety of test and measurement tasks. We specialize in early phase engineering testing, precompliance testing, performance testing and debugging of antennas and RF devices such as pre-amplifiers. We are equipped to cover frequencies from DC to 20 GHz and beyond. Tests include, but are not limited to, S-parameter sweeps, gain, noise figure, compression point, OIP3 IMD, electromagnetic susceptibility and EMI / RFI sweeps.


Last updated July 20, 2014